Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Solo Exhibitions
  • VU Photo,Quebec, QC
  • Espace Virtuel, Chicoutimi, QC
  • Gallery Roman Petrovic, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
  • Center for Contemporary Art Conkordija, Vrsac, Srbija (catalouge, text by Stuart Reid)
  • Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s, Newfounland
  • Lining, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto ,Ont.
  • Observatoire 4 de Montreal, Montreal, QC
  • Twins, Atelier d’estampe Sagamie, Alma QC
  • Modern Life, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto
  • Langage Plus, Alma, QC
  • American and Bosnian Folk Songs, Zsa,zsa, Toronto, Ont.
  • Papier Peint, Paul Petro Contemporary Art,Toronto, Ont.
  • Papier Peint, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ont.
  • Greatist Hitz, The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery , University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
  • We are Smokin, XXX, Toronto, Ont.
  • Bookstore Buybook, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
  • Portraitizm, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont. (essay by Corinna Ghaznavi)
  • When We Grow Up, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal, QC.
  • Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ont. (catalogue, essay by Gary Michael Dault )
  • Works 81-91, Art Gallery of Town, Bihac, Bosnia
  • Sampling, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.(essay by Catherine Osborne)
  • People, Neutral Ground, Regina, Sask.(essay by Oliver Girling)
  • Everything Must Go, Struts Gallery, Sackville, N.B.
  • Stupidity is Kool, Artcite, Windsor, Ont.
  • 50 Most Beautiful Guys in the Universe, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont. (catalogue, essay by Stuart Reid)
  • A Space, Victor Comas Vitrines, Toronto, Ont.
  • A Dream of Adoration, Red Head Gallery ,Toronto ,Ont. (catalogue, essay by John Massier)
  • Hannibal Ante Portas, Windows,Toronto, Ont. (essay by John Massier)
  • Windows, Toronto, Ont.
  • Big Reliefs, Museum of the XIV Olympic Games ,Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Works On Paper, Bezigrad Gallery ,Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Recent Paintings, Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Group Exhibitions
  • 11th Visual Arts Biennial-Values, Pancevo, Serbia (curated by Igor Antic)
  • 4th Toronto International Art Fair,Toronto (with Paul Petro Contemporary Art)
  • Chasing Mirages, 8th Havana Biennial, Cuba, (curated by Yuneikys Villalonga)
  • Intervals, Kabat/Wrobel Gallery, Toronto, Ont. (curated Carly Butler/Anna Yuschuk)
  • Les Centres D’art et D’exposition, Baie St. Paul, Vous etes Ici (curated by Gaston St-Pirre)
  • Srbia Place Not Visible on Map, Centar for Contemporary Art Concordia, Vrsac (curated by David Somers)
  • The Chile Exchange, A-space, Toronto, On. (curated by Ingrid Maynhofer)
  • The Chile Exchange, Art gallery of Algoma
  • Book on Fence, Epicentro, Mexico City, Mexico (Red Tree Collective) Exhibition will travel to to Art Gallery of San Miguel Allende and Museum of Santa Kruse
  • Balkan Art, 3rd Internatioal Trieniel Of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia,
  • 20External v1.0, Artcte Inc., Windsor, Ont.
  • Matucana100, Cultural Centre Calbuco, Chille, Santiago (organized by A-Space)
  • Memories Et Temoignages, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal QC (Curated by Lorna Lerner) travel to Hart House, University of Toronto, 2003,
  • XXX Testimonial, Mercer Union, Toronto ,Ont.(curated by Dierdre Logue)
  • One Century In Art in Bosnia, Art Gallery of Bosnia , Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
  • 20 Artists from Brooklyn/20 Artists from Toronto, Artist & Project, Toronto, Ont.
  • Breakfast of Champeens, Paul Petro Contemporary Art,Toronto, Ont.
  • Rock, Paper,Scissors, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ont. (curated by Patrick Macaulay)
  • Urgent Witness/Drawn Remains, YYZ, Toronto, On. (curated by Rebecca Diederich and Kym Pruesse)
  • Reading the Face, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ont. (curated by Carol Barbour)
  • Real Man, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
  • RedroSpective, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
  • Exhibition of Association of Artists of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Art Gallery Collegium Artisticum , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina,
  • GLO, Archive Inc., Toronto, Ont.
  • Art With Heart, Casey House, Toronto, Ont.
  • Niagara Artists’ Company, St. Catharines, Ont. (with David Grenier)
  • Durham Art Gallery, Durham, Ontario, with (John Amstrong)
  • War Panel, Postmasters Gallery, New York, New York
  • Ways to Remember, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
  • Art Rental And Sales Gallery, AGO, Toronto, Ont.
  • The Edge of Everything, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Ont. (curated by John Massier)
  • GLO, Archive Inc. Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
  • Manifest Destiny, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ont. (curated by Stuart Reid)
  • Wonderland, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal, QC.
  • ARTIFICE 98, Gallery of Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, QC
  • Contemporary Visul Art of Montreal (curated David Liss)
  • Drug Show, Toronto, Ont.
  • Open Studio,Toronto, Ont. (with Paul Wong)
  • Multiples Project by gallery artists, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
  • Wasteland, Obdam, Netherland (curated by Tania Karreman)
  • Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ont.
  • Canadian Clay Currents, Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, N.Y.
  • Emerging Artist Showcase, Gallery 101,Ottawa ,Ont.
  • Juice Fruit, The Koffler Gallery, Toronto,Ont. (curated by John Massier)
  • Velvet Fever and Other Kitsch Inclination, Artcite, Windsor, Ont.(curated by Allen Bukoff, Suzanne Konuha)
  • Away, The OO Gallery, Halifax, N.S. (group show of Red Head Gallery)
  • Biennal of the Youth'91, Museum of Modern Art , Rijeka, Croatia
  • International Biennal of Sculpture, Art Gallery, Murska Subota, Slovenia
  • Exhibition of Group Zvono, Anushka Gallery, San Diego, California
  • The Contemporary Art In Bosnia 1974-84 On Occasion of the Olympic Winter Games, Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Contemporary Yugoslav Painting, Art Gallery of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Grants Awards
  • Travel Grant, Canada council for Arts
  • Visual Grant for Mid-carrier Artists, Canada Art Council ($12000)
  • Toronto Art Council, Grant for Visual Art ($5000)
  • Paris Studio, Canada Art Council
  • Award for Best Drawing on Exhibition of Association of Artists of Bosnia
  • Visual Grant for Mid –carier Artists ($15000 ) Canada Council
  • Visual Arts Grant ($5000), Ontario Art Council
  • Travel Grant, Canada Council
  • Exhibition Assistance Grant , Ontario Art Council
  • Travel Grant ($1000), Canada Council
  • Exhibition Assistance Grant ,Ontario Art Council
  • Travel Grant ($1000) Canada Council
  • Visual Arts Grant ($5000, 3000),Ontario Art Council
  • Exhibition Assistance Grant:Ontario Art Council
  • Valenart Award:Image 95, OSA# 121Annual Juried Exhibition
  • Meliha Husedzinovic: Aspekte und Positionen der Kunst aus Bosnia 1949-99, 50 Jahre Kunst Aus Mitteleuropa 1949-1999, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
  • Meliha Husedzinovic: BodyArt v Bosni in Hercegovina, Body and the East, Museum of Modern Art ,Ljublana, Slovenia
  • Border Crossing, painting issue, interview
  • Le Devoir, De Visu by Jean-Claude Rochefort
  • Now , Hits at Gallery Hop by thomas Hirschmann
  • The Gazette, Portraits of Missing Children by Henry Lehmann
  • Fuse magazine ,3 Esseys on Growing Up by Terence Dick
  • Globe&Mail, Gallery going by Gary M. Dault
  • Now, March 22-28,Teen Dreams by Diedre Hanna
  • Globe &Mail,March 31, Boys to Man- by Swatch by Gary Michael Dault
  • Lola , fall issue, Shotguns, Reading the Face by Sherri Telenko
  • Now, Dec. 14, Nice Spices by Dierdre Hanna
  • Artichoke, Fall/Winter 2000, Portraitizm by Corrina Ghaznavi
  • The Record, June 22, Facing the Camera by Robert Reid
  • Oslobodenje,Sarajevo July 16, Zasto Tapeta umjesto Slikarskog Platna by Jelene Jevdzevic
  • Globe& Mail, June 24, GalleryGoing by Gillian Mackay (Real Man show )
  • National Post, June 24, At the Galleries by Thomas Hirschman (Real Man show)
  • Canadian Art, spring issue, Fast Forward
  • National Post, March 25, Refreshing portraiture, artistic fun with fowl by Thomas Hirschman
  • Globe&Mail,March 13, Someup-to-date for an Old-fashioned Art by Blake Gopnik
  • Globe& Mail, Feb.20, Family Viewing by Nora Underwood
  • National Post ,Nov. 6, How to Kickstart Your Art Collection by Tanya Linton
  • The Wealthy Boomer, This is Our Wake-up Call by Gary Michael Dault
  • Missisauga News, Sadko’s Work on Display at The Peel Art Gallery by Katherine Sealey
  • Canadian Art, summer, Fast Forward
  • C- maagazine, Manifest Destiny: five modest reactions by Julie Voyce
  • Globe and Mail, Febr. 20, Gallery going by Gary Michail Dault (Ways to Remember )
  • Toronto Life, Oct.1998, This Month by Kye Macear (solo exhibition at Paul Petro Contemporary Art)
  • EYE, dec.3, Portraits of Unsettled Youth by R.M.Vaughan
  • Global and Mail, nov.7 From Sidewalk to Salon by Gary Michail Dault
  • Lola, number 2, Shotguns (by John Massier, Catherine Osborne)
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  • Artfocus, spring,summer, Drug Show
  • The Globe and Mail, may 16, Famous Art Star? by Blake Gopnik
  • Mix- magazine, spring issue, Artist- Run Culture
  • Artichoke, spring issue, Contemplating Tadzio's Smile by Stuart Reid
  • Metro Times ,Detroit, Of Brides and Boys by Glen Mannisto
  • C- magazine, feb. -apr., Stupidity is Kool by Jonh Amstrong
  • The Globe and Mail ,Dec.6, Deck the Walls by B.A. Jordan and G. Mackey
  • Now Magazine, Sept.-14, Highly Recommended by Dierdre Hanna
  • The Globe and Mail, June 24, Out from behind the "Ironic Curtain" by Val Ross
  • Parachute, winter issue, Emerging Artist Showcase by Sylvie Fortin
  • The Globe and Mail, Dec. 7 Gallery Going by Gillian MacKay
  • Now Magazine, Dec. 12-18, Sharp Show Burst the Bubble of Machismo by Nathalie-Rose Fischer
  • Toronto Life, (dec.) This Month by Donald Brackett
  • Mix-magazine, winter 96/97, Artist-Run Culture
  • The Citizen ,Ottawa, Aug. 4, New Group of Seven Pokes Fun at Many Facets of Human Life by Virginia Howard
  • Ledroit, Ottawa-Hull ,Aug. 17, Destinations Inconues by Joanne Legault
  • Fulcrum, Ottawa, Aug. 8, Emerging Artists Showcase Gallery 101 Gets Back To Its Artist Run Roots by Stephanie Power
  • Fuse-magazine, volumen 19 ,Where's the Fruit by Andrew Harwood
  • Symposium Internationale d’art Contemporain de Baie-St-Paul
  • Art Residency at the Blue Mountain Centre,New York, N.Y.
  • Visiting Artist at Open Studio, Toronto, Ont.
Lectures Slide Projections
  • York University, Toronto, On.
  • SKC, Belgrade, Srbia
  • Aspace, Toronto , Ontario
  • SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ont
  • Lake Placid Center for Arts, Lake Placid N.Y
  • Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ont.
  • Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montreal ,QC
  • University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont.
  • Struts Gallery, Sackville, N.B
  • Neutral Ground, Regina, SK
  • Open Studio, Toronto, Ont.
  • Sheridon College, Oakville, Ont.
  • Art Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo
  • Art Gallery of Town, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Gallery of Portrait, Tuzla , Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Natioanal Museum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Museum of Town, Sombor, Yugoslavia
  • Art Gallery , Pancevo, Yugoslavia
  • Modern Gallery, Pancevo, Yugoslavia
  • Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Ontario
  • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt , Toronto, Ontario
  • M..F.A. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • B. F.A. Academy of Fine Arts ,Sarajevo, Bosnia