Zavisha Chromicz

Zavisha Chromicz (b. 1972, Poland) self-identifies as a queer fat trans mixed Roma self-taught artist who has been making community-based mixed media and fibre art for over 20 years. They have consistently made art as a medicine for survival. Their work explores disability in throwaway culture and the joy of queer debauchery, and honours the survivors of childhood and ancestral trauma. Early collaborators includes Will Munro.

They have worked on numerous community and fibre-based projects that explore trauma healing through pleasure, decadence and queer family making, colonialism and sexual violence, and disability justice. From 2003-2006 Chromicz was a member and co-facilitator of West Side Stitches, a queer punk makers collective by Will Munro and Jeremy Laing. Participants used and taught stitching, embroidery, applique, faggoting and many other fabric art and costuming techniques to make street art, costumes, installations and public art. From 2015-2016 Chromicz collaborated with Leroi Newbold on the Freedom Fighter Puppetry series for Black Lives Matter, Toronto.

In their exhibition, The calming beauty of the body's molecular landscape (2022) at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, developed in the snippets of time available to the parent of young kids during a pandemic lockdown, Chromicz addresses the fear and chaos around COVID-19. While indulging in late-night doomscrolling to research the biology of the coronavirus, they came upon a breathtaking NASA image of a human cell which inspired the work in the exhibition.

Solo projects and exhibitions

Mother Load: The challenge of suturing the mitochondrial tear, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

The calming beauty of the body’s molecular landscape, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

2017- present
Opulent Debauchery
Large scale mixed media sculpture project (porcelin, clay, metal) exploring trauma healing through pleasure, decadence and queer family making.

Jellyfish Recycled Sculptures
Sculptures made recycled plastics, spoons, bottles documenting mental health struggles.

Colonialism In A Nutshell
Exploration of colonialism and sexual violence through embroidery and fabric art

The Fungi
soft sculpture, textile arts, embroidery
exploration of queer/ trans family formation and trauma healing

Pierogi Ring
Hamburger Ring
Brass Knuckle Ring Against Fat Hate

Silver, silversmithing, jewelry

Heart Attack, Graphic and costume art, clothing line exploring fat queer identity

Fancyland Plates, Arcata, CA.
I made 100 fired and hand painted ceramic plates for 10th year anniversary of Fancyland radical queer rural community

Baba Yaga, Mixed media sculpture in leatherwork and textile using story of Baba Yaga to explore healing sexual abuse trauma

Chubbalicious, Visual art, costuming, public/street art, stickering exploring fat queer bodies and biopolitics

Chubbalicious, solo show, The Horseshoe, Toronto ON

Collaborative and Group Projects and Exhibitions

Freedom Fighters collaboration with Leroi Newbold, Toronto, ON.
Puppetry series for Black Lives Matter Toronto. Ten puppets and soft sculpture of Black activists, artists and historical figures, including Nanny of the Maroons, Marie Angelique, Leroy Moore, and more. Collaboration with visual artist Leroi Newbold.

Will Munro: HISTORY, GLAMOUR, MAGIC, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, ON
I contributed a piece to the posthumous survey exhibition

Sins Invalid sculpture and costumes, San Francisco,CA.
In collaboration with Nomy Lamm. Large scale sculptures including nest of leg protheses and costuming for disability justice performance art pieces Belly Up, Ring of Fire and Nobody Knows.

Virginia Puff Paint, in collaboration with Will Munro and Jeremy Lang, Zsa Zsa Gallery, Toronto ON.

Vazaleen, collaboration with Will Munro, Toronto, ON.
I was Will Munro's personal costumer for performance art pieces at Vazaleen, queer punk performance space in Toronto. Costuming, textile arts, soft sculpture, installation art.

Community Based Arts

West Side Stitches
Collective member and co-facillitator of this fabric art queer punk makers collective by Will and Jeremy Lang. Participants used and taught stitching, embroidery, applique, faggoting and many other fabric art and costuming techniques to make street art, costumes, installations and public art.

Complex Stitches, 2490 St Clair West Supportive Housing.
I created and funded out of pocket this fabric and costume art project in my social housing building, housing poor and/or psychiatric consumer/survivors. I taught kids ages 5-10 how to sew, applique, make art and did an annual fashion show.

Artist Talks

Shifting Ground Symposium, Material and the Immaterial: Textile Works by Omar Badrin and Zavisha Chromicz, Harbourfront Centre in partnership with Craft Ontario, conceived of and moderated by former Textile Museum of Canada Curatorial Director Sarah Quinton

YP&C Meet the Artist: Zavisha Chromicz, exhibition tour and talk at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, hosted by the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts and coordinated by Gilles Latour

Street Involved Kids and Art, Sherbourne Health Center, Supporting Our Youth, Toronto, ON.

Buddies in Bad Times Theater, Toronto ON, with Andrea Ridegely.


I am a self-taught artist who has taught myself from books, observation and experimentation.

Pottery, Alex Yeung Studio, Toronto ON

Silversmithing class, Toronto ON

OCAD, Toronto ON


The Cripsters: Zavisha Chromicz on Process and PTSD, (2022) by Terence Dick for Akimblog

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