Gary Evans


From Condensations, 2024

From Editions Part Two, 2023

From Light Moves, 2022

From The Hissing of Summer Lawns

From Rusted Sky, 2021

From Daylight, 2020

From Gary Evans: A Collection-Based Survey

From Open Storage, 2018

From Courts and Corrals, 2017

From West Country, 2016

From Farther Afield

From Ghost Host, 2015

From New Work, 2014

From Field and Stream, 2013

From spce invdrs, 2011

From Cracked Up To Be, 2010

From Echo Chamber, 2009

From Hovercraft, 2007

From State Park, 2005

From Slow Motion, 2004

From Station, 2003

From Head On, 2002

Other Works