Bone Dump

Maura Doyle

@ Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
October 1 - October 2, 2011

Bone Dump
Bone Dump (installation view)
Bone Dump
Bone Dump (detail)

Bone Dump

Bone Dump , 2011

"Bone Dump" is a large pile of porcelain bones dumped in a quiet back alley in the Financial District. Each one is individually sculpted in the likeness of a generic bone. Bones outlast all living vertebrates, including Stegosaurus, red-winged blackbirds, killer whales, orangutans, hot dog vendors and CEOs. Like bone, porcelain can break; but if respected, it can remain intact for millennia.

Each bone is made by hand - lumps of clay rolled, squeezed and pinched. The pile is the residue of something that was - the end of a life and/or the end of its own construction. For this work we can consider not only life after death but life before death. Do bones hold the secrets of a life lived? Are they empty osseous tissue with all information irretrievably lost? Do the dead exist in an alternate universe trapped inside a bone?

- in the alley between 10 and 18 King St East (just east of Yonge)

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