Sadko Hadzihasanovic

March 14 - April 5, 2003

Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to present an exhibition of new drawings by Sadko Hadzihasanovic. Since arriving in Canada from Belgrade in 1993 Sadko has taken on several fine art teaching positions at places including Guelph University, the Koffler Centre and the Avenue Road School of Art in Toronto. With his students he emphasizes how important and basic drawing is to all forms of visual art. In his words:

“Drawing is the most direct and spontaneous way to express ideas and emotion. Drawing is the base to all forms of visual arts. And also connects us to childhood of human race. Because of playful nature of drawing we can achieve again the lost part of our time when we were kids.

“I have recently been working on a new body of work based on photo-based images. And it detouch (sic) me from my daily practice of painting. That is main reason I am back to intensive practice of drawing in last three months.

“I start to draw without concept. Anything can be subject such as memory, daily activity, advertisements from the newspaper. I become open to anything. I mix everything in sort of child collage. When I draw I feel good and I don't want to give the drawings to anybody. That is probably the reason I want to turn gallery into drawing studio.

“In drawings you could not hide who you are!”

-from Sadko's notes on drawing,
March 2003