Launch of the web experience


Featuring Eve Egoyan, created by Su Rynard and Helios Design Labs
May 28 - May 28, 2019 is a uniquely visual, on-line story-telling experience wherein Eve Egoyan explores the space between what a piano can do and what she wished a piano can do. At the same time, this interactive work takes an appreciative look at a remarkable artist's creative process, behind and beyond what is presented onstage. Created by media artist and filmmaker Su Rynard and Helios Design Labs.

While this interactive work can be enjoyed anywhere in the world at any time on any computer or mobile device, we invite you to join us and celebrate with the artists.


Solo for Duet: Performed by Eve Egoyan
Interactive Directors: Su Rynard, Alex Wittholz
Interactive Producer: Heather Grieve
Lead Developer: Dan Sundy
Developer: Jen Saxena
Illustrations: Felix M. Wittholz, Jamie Bennett
Interactive Studio: Helios Design Labs

Filmmaker: Su Rynard
Cinematographer: John Price
Editor: Caroline Christie, CCE
Sound Design and Mix: Phil Strong
Location Audio: Mike Filippov, Jason Milligan, Ryan Cox


Thought and Desire
Composer: Linda Catlin Smith

Homonymy (for auto-playing piano, pianist and cinema)
Composer/author/animator: John Oswald. Published by PITCH

David Lynch Études
Composer, film manipulation and footage: Nicole Lizée

Surface Tension
Creators: Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby

EVƎ (solo piano for Eve Egoyan)
Composer: Michael Snow

DUET for Solo Piano
Composer: Eve Egoyan