Dark and Lonely

Mélanie Rocan

September 8 - October 7, 2006

"Almost all my work is created from memory, giving me the freedom to search and be inventive. I am interested in the combinations of memories allowing the work to linger between reality and invention. Rather then recreating what already exists, the experience, the mood and the colors are represented by the memory of that place. The work becomes a mixture of reality and the unknown, recollections of the past and present. Relying on memory to create work I can partly relive the experience with my imagination, and if I were to rely on a photograph the image would separate me from the sensation of being there. To express my sensual perception of the world I require a connection to the source, which is the actual event or place, I am then able to affect and give sensations with the image. Memory distances me enough from my work so that I dont feel restricted to reproduce the exact details of the moment but rather reinvent the experience."

-Mélanie Rocan, 2006