Geometry Street

Ron Giii

works on paper
September 6 - October 5, 2019

Geometry Street 1
Chernobyl & The paradox of zero
Geometry Street 2
Geometry Street 3
Geometry Street 4
Hamiltonian function, Extendibility, Plank’s constant, & Angular spin
Geometry Street 5
Border child, The dancing arms, Mexican children & Polarization
Geometry Street 6
Geometry Street 7
Geometry Street 8
A language shifter, G the speed of light, Hawking’s formula & Charge on the proton

Geometry Street 1

Geometry Street 1 , 2019
installation view

The exhibition traces a progression of drawings over the last two years and includes a spoken word performance at the opening at 8pm, Friday September 6.

The comedy of time
The atoms of uncertainty
Little bangs and big bangs
Where is physics going
Has Penrose lost his way
Will Twistor theory unravel
Quantum theory? What is
The missing law of gravity
Where is quantum gravity
hiding? Do Black holes
Bend planets. Is light
Slower than darkness. Is
Dark rather a form of dark
Energy oh the questions of
Philosophy sitting on a precipice
Thinking how Chernobyl has
Changed the face of science
forever. Who will make the
Next great blunder what
Computer will override a
Command and let off a
Horrible gas. Ah the lonely
Artist studying the laws
Of the universe his back
Against the wall of knowledge
Turned down by the Canada
Council once more unto the
Last warning. A bell cry
To end another human error.

Ron Giii, 2019