Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Sadko's Vinyl Museum

At Paul Petro Multiples + Small Works
June 1-18, 2006

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Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to present "Sadko's Vinyl Museum" at our Multiples + Small Works location.

The exhibition features thirty altered record album sleeves installed old-school record shop fashion in the window and a series of paintings on the west wall.

These works include a new large painting of a reclining ten-year old Michael Jackson. There is an audio track of tunes by the Jackson Five, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson.

Album covers include Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, U2, The Allman Brothers, The J. Geils Band, Bob Marley, Tubular Bells, Iron Butterfly, Metric. David Sylvian, Genesis, Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart, T-Rex, The Band, Uriah Heap, Ten Years After, Michael Jackson, The Simple Minds and The Animals.

Here is a text by Sadko (May 2006):

"My fascination with pop culture goes back to my teenage years. Seeing glossy covers of LPs in local stores in Tito's Yugoslavia I was feeling that you could own a piece of Western Dream. In that time - early 70 I had in my collection : Faces-Oh la la, David Bowie-Diamond Dogs, Uriah Heap- Demons and Wizards, Led Zeppelin- Houses of Holy.

"Making exhibition: Sadko's Vinyl Museum was sort of tribute to early History of Rock and my past.

"Using the same method as drawing and painting on wallpaper I have approached covers of LPs . In one group I changed completely covers such as Metric and David Sylvian. On others I used quotations from art history or contemporary art and mixed with actual image such as Magritte on U2 and Anselm Kiefer on Bruce Springsteen. And result for me was marriage between readymade (Marcel Duchamp) and painting."

This reception falls on the same date as the Power Ball at the Power Plant. Feel free to drop by before or after the Ball. If you don't plan on attending the Power Ball then come on down and get down!