Su Rynard

Su Rynard is a media artist with a body of work that spans nearly four decades. From her earliest video art in 1986 to her feature films, Rynard has worked across a range of approaches: dramatic, experimental, documentary, and installation. Her interest in science, ecology and natural history and has informed and inspired her recent projects. The National Gallery of Canada, The Canada Council Art Bank, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York have purchased and /or programmed Rynard's work.

Su Rynard was born in 1961 in Toronto. She received an entrance scholarship to York University, and was awarded the George A. Reid Scholarship and the Melvile P. White Scholarship before graduating with honours from the Ontario College of Art in 1985. Rynard was a director resident at the Canadian Film Centre in 1996.


As Soon As Weather Will Permit, The Image Centre, Toronto, Salah J. Bachir New Media Wall, Curated by Alexandra Gooding
Editions Part Two, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto (Group Exhibition)

Canaries In A Coal Mine, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto (Group Exhibition)

Anthropocene, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

Seed Bank, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto

Apples (Malus Domestica), Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto
Taxi!, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto (Group Exhibition)

Bear (2004) video installation, Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto


As Soon As Weather Will Permit, dual screen HD, 2013. 15 MIN.

Seed Bank – photo based exhibition and installation, 2011.

Drowning London – video installation, HD video 2010. 1 min. loop

Coronation Park -16mm film / HD video, 2009. I minute

Apples (Malus Domestica) - video installation, S16mm film & HD video, 2009. 6:45 min. loop

Bear –short film / video installation, 2004. 10 min.

Bug Girl – short film / video installation, 2003. 6 min.

Strands – short drama, 16mm film, 1997. 23 min.

The Day Jesus Melted – video, 1999. 3 min.

Eight Men Called Eugene – video 1996. 12 min.

Big deal So what – short drama, 16mm film, 1995. 25 min.

Signal – short film, 35mm film / video 1993. 3 min.

What Wants To Be Spoken, What Remains To Be Said – short drama, 16mm, 1993. 25 min.
1932 - video art, 1988. 9 min.

Within Dialogue (Silence) - video art, 1987. 5 min.

Absence - video art, 1986. 5 min.


The Messenger – feature film, 2015. 100 min.

Kardia – feature film, 35mm film 2005. 85 min.

Dream Machine – feature documentary, video, 2000. 76 min.


Best Feature Doc Pitch. Sunnyside of the Doc. SongbirdSOS, 2012
Alfred P. Sloan Award Feature Film Prize. Kardia, 2006.
SCinema, Sydney Australia, Best Narrative Film Award. Kardia, 2006
Creative Vision Award. Earth Dance Film Festival, Bug Girl, 2005
Silver Award winner Worldfest Houston, Strands, 1998
Mediawave Festival Hungary, Best Editing, Signal, 1994
Best Short Film Cabbagetown Film and Video Festival. SIGNAL
Nomination for M. Joan Chalmers Documentarian Award for Film & Video. Sexual Healing, 1996

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